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In 2011 by Joey Fourfingers in Denver Colorado, Bladecraft was designed with ultimate transparency of the reality of bladed combat in mind.


Is truly the key to brilliance. Bladecraft [aka Bladecraft Method,  Bladecraft Concept, & Bladecrsft System] utilizes principles of physics, anatomy, and geometry rather than archaic forms and sequences.


A technique and you know a technique; learn a concept and you know 1,000 techniques. Bladecraft relies on concepts and principles that can transition into and blend with all aspects of your current training!


Is the only thing that matters in combat instruction. Bladecraft was founded after years of study with the most renowned instructors of today including: Paul Vunak, Dan Inosanto, Nigel February, Terry Trehan, Scott Babb, Ed Calderón and more!

Meet The Team


Joey Fourfingers


Sifu Joey Fourfingers is Chief Training Officer here at Fighting 5280. He is also the Design Guru for Development Decks and Capo (Director) of the Colorado branch of Stay Bladed Martial Mafia Global. Joey founded Bladecraft in 2011.


Sifu Monteverde is a JKD, Weapons, & Law Enforcement instructor under world-renowned JKD master Paul Vunak & is a Certified Self-Defense Expert through the U.S. Close Combat Company. He also has instructor ranking in 5 traditional martial arts.

Sifu has been practicing martial arts for almost 30 years; teaching for over 15, and started LIMITLESS FIGHTING GROUP .LLC in 2010 with the idea that everyone deserves quality, affordable self-defense resources that are easy for anyone to pick up in a matter of hours!​



  • Former Colorado State Coordinator for PFS International

  • PFS Insructor, Contemporary JKD

  • Law Enforcement Instructor / Weapons Instructor

  • Certified Self Defense Expert through the United States Close Combat Company.

Black Belt or higher:

  • Atarashī Nagare Ninjitsu

  • Kung Fu Chun Fa

  • Kung Fu San Soo

  • Kempo Karate

  • Shotokan Karate


Advanced practitioner in:

  • Krav Maga

  • Muay Thai Kickboxing


ASP Batton Certified

PR-24 Certified

MACE Certified

California Registered Guard


Internationally Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), Certified Sports Nutritionist, Certified Meditation Instructor of 8 different forms of meditation and Level III Reiki Expert


Joey had the privilege to work with Compass by KidsTek in order to teach Jeet Kune Do at multiple elementary schools within the Aurora Public Schools District in the summer of 2011.


Sal Garou LaCour

{certified instructor}

Sal is the head instructor of Bladecraft: Texas

My Instruction Began in 1977 Karate I'm Not a Name Dropper.

Aikido-Juijitsu (Small circle )
Inosanto Kali 

Many Moons And Winters of Learning.

Other Accomplishments:
EMT, hypnotic Therapist,  N.L.P. certified, Security Consultant, Bodyguard, Full Service Independent Operative, L.E.O. Trainer 


Can be Reached at

 Location Variations 
1.Hines Rec Center Laredo 
2. Will Travel For Seminars 
3. Any Local Residence or Business.

2016-05-04 09.18.52-2_edited.jpg

Nathan TwoEagles-Downing

{certified instructor}

Coach Nathan has been with us almost 4 years and is certified to teach our ETGS, ABC's, RAT, & Bladecraft programs.

Nathan is the Head Instructor of Fighting 5280: Colorado Springs & Bladecraft: Colorado Springs


  • Certified in Piper Knife Systems, a vicious knife method of the Cape Flats

  • Certified in ETGS (Escape To Gain Safety) an intense course of Progrssive Fighting Systems and Fighting 5280.

  • Certified in RAT (Rapid Assault Tactics) an intense course of Progrssive Fighting Systems and Fighting 5280.

  • Certified in ABC's (Accelerated Battle Combatives) an intense course of the United Stated Close Combat Company Systems and Fighting 5280.

1st Degree Blackbelt:

  • Aikido

  • Kendo

Green Belt:

  • MCMAP (Marine Corps Martial Arts Program)

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