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We don't have energy drinks or white pajamas; we don't compete for trophies & you can't buy a rank.


We train for reality.

We train through pain and bruises in search of our weaknesses and to improve upon them. 


This isn't your common Cornerstar McDojo.


We definitely aren't for everyone, but if you give us a try, I can guarantee we will teach you how to survive violence quicker than anyone you'll find in the Yellow Pages.


Here we believe in simplicity, repetition, & full-contact drilling.

-Sifu Joey Fourfingers



"There are no advanced maneuvers, just those more proficient in the basIcs."

-Miyamoto Musashi


FIGHTING 5280 is a teaching school.


It has always been our goal raise up future instructors.


We offer multiple instructor certification classes taught in IPTP (intensive personal training program) format

throughout each level to ensure our students not only have a firm grasp on the material

but also have the ability to convey the material to others.


Making our communities safer one person at a time.


The fundamentals. Body Mechanics. Physics & Anatomy. Simple, Direct, Non-Classical.

We teach the SAME courses taught to Federal Agencies; FBI, CIA, DEA, DOD, as well as 64 Police & Sheriff Departments and 28 SWAT Teams within the USA.


(Internationally, the list continues...)


Two things are likeliest in a violent altercation

  1. The aggressor will have weapons

  2. the aggressor will have friends

Let us teach you how to deal with both!

  • Multiple Attackers

  • Proper use of

    • edged tools

    • impact tools

    • improvised tools


Crunched for time or need to learn at a more accelerated rate?

You can learn 1-on-1 from any of our knowledgeable instructors at your pace AND focusing on the material  you need to grow most effectively!

*WE DO NOT teach anyone under the age of 16; under 18 requires 2 hour consultation with parent/guardian.


We offer group and semi-private classes on a weekly scheduled basis.

Throughout the Summer months, we will be holding Workshops (up to 5 hours) and Seminars (5-8 hours one day or 10-12 hours over 2 days)

We can also, however, arrange a group class for you and your friends, colleagues, Department, or Agency.

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